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Take a memorable Disney Performance Tours? Imagine performing in a place so special that the memories last a lifetime! A place where fantasy castles of days gone by, and visions of days yet to come, decorate a make-believe “world” where dreams come true. Let Great Adventure Tours experienced staff plan all of your Disney Performance Tours needs.

Are You Prepared for Disney Performance Tours ?

Picture your group taking center stage for a moment in time and entertaining people from around the globe, imagine a Disney Performance Tours.

Known as the “Happiest Place on Earth”… Disney is much more then an enchanted Kingdom of fantasy and imagination… it is an ideal destination for choir, band, orchestra, drill team or dance ensembles next performance tours.

You may choose to include in your Disney Performance Tours a “Disney Performing Arts Workshop”, your group will work with a Disney Entertainment professional, learning in your own Disney production number, or recording an original studio creation. With Disney Performing Arts Workshops, the legacy of “Disney Entertains” Workshops lives on…and just about anything is possible.

A Disney Performance Tours is an experience full of emotions, excitement, pageantry, and pride that is sure to be the highlight of the year and a magical moment to be treasured always.